About Us

Welcome to Skylines for Construction and Industrial Services. We appreciate your interest to our services and we are pleased to present our company to you.
Skylines for Construction and Industrial Services was 1st established on 14th of November 2009, the company was established with experienced engineers and technicians specializing in cathodic protection engineering. To provide further competencies and expertise, Skylines made partnership with internationally renowned company German Cathodic Protection GmbH (GCP) based in Essen Germany and with anode manufacturer in USA name GALVOTEC ALLOYS, INC. Both companies are full service cathodic protection corrosion control providing state-of-the-art engineering and materials. By both concentrating and expanding the available resources, we have created a highly efficient center of competence and specialized knowledge which enables us to perform complex and highly specialized engineering, consultancy tasks for our clients in a most concentrated and successful manner. Most importantly, we work with maintenance entities to protect their investments, and to ensure that the contractors and suppliers meet their commitments to those entities.
Skylines for Construction and Industrial Services is growing nationally, focuses on customer’s needs on quality services, materials and personnel competencies. The company’s philosophy is to remain unchanged: to offer customer best service, quality products and values.
Skylines for Construction and Industrial Services is currently on tremendous journey on expanding our services to GCC market and start establishing our presence in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, etc.

We look forward to receive valuable inquiries from you!

Mr. Hajed Faraj Al-Otaibi
General Manager

Remote Monitoring and Control Service

In addition to skilled maintenance technicians, the company provides remote monitoring and control system for new or existing CP- systems. Our engineers design, install and maintain the highest quality systems by using wire- or wireless communication systems.
CORROCONTROL systems are capable of being remotely controlled and monitored for all CP- system performance and functions. This capability allows operation and maintenance for unattended CP-stations, providing totally unmanned service with only the need for specific physical on-site maintenance.

Mechanical Works

Skylines includes mechanical works in their services such as Tank bottom plates replacement and the company started expanding their scope in mechanical works which will include piping fabrication and installation, structural steel fabrication and installation, and tank repair work.

Fabrication Workshop

Skylines for Construction and Industrial Services have its own fabrication and workshop to accommodate the growing demand of clients for Cathodic Protection Materials.

Skylines Work Shop Information

Total Land Area: 600 SQM
Fabrication and Store Yard Area: 350 SQM
Location: 3066 Industrial, Unit # 1
AD Dammam 32443-7213
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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